Delaying fall just a tad…

going against the flow…

I realize that fall trends are pouring off the runways AND it is also is after Labor Day…Read. My. Lips.

I DON’T CARE! Because, as I have said before, there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Moving on…

I want to share a look that I fell in love with over the summer and share a simple way to take it into your fall fashion. Behold, linen drawstring pants and all the goodies that go along with it. Since these pants are not white, I feel like they can be a safe option for those who are still terrified to wear white after Labor Day (not to be redundant but….even Stacy London from What Not to Wear says it ain’t a thing.) They are light and move well in any situation and even in the overwhelming Florida heat, they let your skin breathe like it was meant to. Last I checked, they were still available at Macy’s at a great price so get right on that (after checking your budget. 😊 )

Sadly, the buttery ivory tank I snagged for this outfit from AE is only available in pink and limited sizing. However, what drew me to this tank was not just the soft flowing fabric. It was the lacy-trimmed, slightly plunged neckline. It was the endless styling options from untucked and flowy to half tucked to knotted front to knotted back to dress up to dress down. Need I say more? And layering, don’t get me started on layering. But I digress.

Then came the shoes. Yes, they might be an odd choice or not YOUR choice (RULES…!) but I really felt that pairing a shoe more along the lines of menswear added a note of interest. Zara absolutely slayed with this pair. The black patent finish and the contrasting beige sole with an ever-so-slight platform just begged to go with my perfect linen pants and ultra-feminine top. Similar pair here. Even the sassy laces added a touch of “IDGA..C” (“crap: because we are moms so we try to say nicer things) with their repeating affirmations of “unstoppable & ambitious.” After all, moms tend to speak so much negativity into themselves as the feelings of inadequacy and failure mount along with the piles of laundry and stinky attitudes and overwhelming societal expectations. I never promised not to wax philosophical because emotional well-being and psychology are such a huge part of the clothes we choose to put on our bodies. *SQUIRREL* 


Back on track…accessories. Shall we begin with the obvious? No, it’s not a fannypack. It IS, in fact, a belt bag (also Zara and totally fabulous as well as functional and STILL IN STOCK)

My outfit was pleading with me to throw in a bit of color and something about combining the bright yellow envelope bag with the shiny black shoes and teal cardigan made me feel warm and fuzzy. So I did it. And I absolutely fell in love with the combination. I realize that as moms we are tempted to find the largest bag possible and stuff it with everything from diapers and tampons to sippy cups, wallets, and dry shampoo (cuz dry shampoo is LIFE in a can after coffee, of course) but sometimes forcing ourselves to go minimal like this helps bring the focus back to US and being healthy and present and fully in tune with our needs even if just for a moment. This little gem perfectly fit my rather large Google Pixel XL as well as the necessary card/cash and key fob. That’s it. Minimal is such a foreign concept but really, it is so refreshing!


Then the glasses…Tiny shades were all over the place this spring and summer and the brighter the color, the better they were. These were my under $10 bargain from Shein and while I can’t say I loved every item from that haul (hold that thought for another post), I can say that these. Were. Fun!

They are still in stock and Shein actually has a number of similar shades with everything from cat eye to mirror finished.

Last but not least, the one thing that can take this from summer to fall…the cardi! For one thing, shades of blue are popping up ALL OVER the runway for this fall so if you aren’t a fan of warm colors that are normally associated with fall (RULES…!), fear no more. I wish I could link this exact cardigan but this baby is YEARS old and it that doesn’t scream “amazing purchase,” I don’t know what does.

(similar here for budget friendly  or here for a slightly higher price point)











All together, from the hairstyle to the comfy floral bralette, I felt like the best version of me. Share your thoughts!

life unedited (zits and all)

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