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Mom style- apparently it’s a thing. And it happens without you even knowing it. One minute, you have time to care what you wear and you can dress in styles that suit your fancy. Then you push those babies out of your vagina (yes, I said it) and suddenly those screaming, giggling bundles of crazy and wonder become the tiny dictators of everything you do and everything you wear (also when you sleep, what you eat, where you go…basically your whole life.)

We all know that being a mom and dressing “like a mom” has a ridiculous stigma about it. When you become a mom, suddenly you are expected to dress a certain way and not even because it’s more convenient. No, it’s more because you are expected to look a certain way now that you have kids with no thought to what YOU might like or feel confident in. Then the pendulum swings the other way and if you decide to dress in yoga pants, sweats, and “unfashionable” clothing, you get the same frowns and raised eyebrows. On my side of the spectrum, I get judgment but for another reason. See, I work as a model. I go to casting calls, photoshoots, commercial shoots, launch parties, and fashion shows to stomp down a catwalk while trying to do the normal MOM thing- school lunches, sassy kids, crying, whining, dinner, bedtime, childcare, laundry, and everything else in between. I love makeup, my fashion tastes aren’t anywhere near what is considered normal especially not for a mom. Most of the time my raised eyebrows come in the form of backhanded compliments. They are things like “Oh, wow. I would look like a druggie if I wore that makeup but you pull it off.” Or “You are really brave to go out wearing that.” And on and on it goes. I am an emotional person so I admit it’s hard to shake this crap off especially when you try to keep to yourself but you must wear a sign that begs people to walk up and insult you for no reason.

Bringing sexy back…mom style (whatever that is)

But let’s be honest here. Fashion rules don’t really exist anymore. I mean, really, everything has gone out the window. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Do NOT mix prints. Never go without pantyhose. Shoulder pads are in. Animal prints are too wild. Nose rings are tacky. NEVER do a bold eye and a bold lip at the same time. I could go on and on. But watch the trends and you’ll see that it looks like anything goes. And no one can tell you what you can or can’t wear just because you are a mom. Not even your itty bitty dictator screaming in the background as you read this (mine is currently pulling at my clothes while I type so I am right there, sista.)

And the madness continues…photo cred Joe Kuzma

Here’s the thing- I get it. Some days I don’t have time to change out of my workout clothes unless I am rushing to a casting or job. I wear my hair in a ponytail, topknot, or messy bun so often people don’t realize my hair can actually look decent worn down. Sometimes I wear makeup. Sometimes I choose to let all my zits hang out and it’s downright scary cuz it’s like “puberty revenge” since I never had acne before now. But then there are days when wearing makeup and cute clothes make me feel awake and alive. When I pick clothes for the day, I choose based on what I connect with on an emotional level meaning it’s a mood thing (if that’s too New Age-y for you, bu-bye). All I am saying is we all pick our style based on many factors. Find what works for YOU and makes you feel confident and rock that like the hallway from the laundry room to the living room is your runway, baby.

My goal here is not to tell you WHAT to wear but more so to give you options by taking the sometimes unwearable runway trends and bringing them home to looks you can add to your own “mom style” no matter what that may be. In the end, you do you. Wear you. Be you. And be confident cuz we “mom” the crap outta these kids no matter what we wear.

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