In 2011 – when blogging was new and an “influencers” didn’t really exist – I created my first fashion blog. It was the creative outlet I needed to help maintain some sanity as I made my way through medical school and residency. I loved it, and my style evolved over the years.

Residency is where I met my wonderful life partner. And at the very end of my residency in 2016, I was beyond excited to have gotten pregnant with our first child! I was convinced that, because I was the healthiest and fittest that I had ever been, that I would have a wonderful, smooth pregnancy where I’d workout, blog my fashionable bump, sport that “pregnancy glow.” But life had other plans. 

At 23 weeks pregnant I had preterm labor. A story for another day. The subsequent bedrest landed me in a depression. And, although I was beyond lucky to have eventually had a healthy baby, the “fourth trimester” brought postpartum depression and anxiety as I dealt with what I now know to be typical postpartum issues (ie poor supply, body image issues, poor sleep and a colicky baby). I poured everything I had into being the best mom I could be, and I was overwhelmed. Blogging quickly became a thing of the past.

We were fortunate to have three more healthy babies, our last in fall of 2023. I have to admit, I’m still a little sad to close that chapter of life (after the complications of my last pregnancy, having another baby isn’t an option). At the same time, I’m excited to shift my focus, and start doing a few things for myself again, like showering regularly and getting dressed in the morning (wish I was kidding)!! I started this blog to help me work through the challenges of postpartum and beyond, and to hopefully give inspiration to others in a similar situation. Thank you for stopping by!