Honest Unsponsored Review: Rothy’s The Lightweight Tote

I very rarely purchase items at full price. When I found myself postpartum with my fourth baby with aching shoulders from carrying my too heavy travel bag (I carried a lot of stuff), I decided to give this one a try. The “lightweight” sold me. Here are my thoughts after carrying it for a few months.

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The good:

  1. The pattern. I love the subtle pattern on this bag. I wear a lot of black and gray in the winter, and this pattern matches and provides some interest to my outfits.
  2. The size. At ~13.6″ high x 12.8″ wide x 6.7″ deep, its not too big, not too small.
  3. Durability? I’ve only had it a few months, but no significant damage. Its also machine washable, which is nice.

The bad:

  1. The comfort. Despite being marketed as “lightweight,” the bag doesn’t feel any more lightweight than any other tote. Honestly, it feels heavier than the leather totes I’ve had in the past. The straps are not comfortable and really dig into my shoulder.
  2. No interior pockets. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a handbag without at least one interior zipper compartment for essentials. There is a key leash, which I guess is better than nothing? But the bag is already fairly heavy, so I don’t want to add extra weight with a bag organizer.
  3. The material. The bag is made out of plastic and reminds me of a wetsuit. That in and of itself is fine, but it brings be to point 4…
  4. Overpriced. I paid $150 for a plastic bag because it has a little blue stripe on the top (that I find unsightly) so people know its “Rothy.” As someone who buys most things pre-owned, I wouldn’t say its my best purchase.
Rothy's the lightweight tote unsponsored review and fit pictures


Overall, I would neither recommend nor discourage anyone from purchasing this bag. If you really like a color (or pattern, in my case), it may be worth the buy. Its definitely overpriced, but honestly, so many things are these days. Its not perfect, but I definitely use it often.

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