Varley Reviews – My Favorites – Cortina, Davidson, Yates Half Zip Sweatshirts

I can’t tell you how much I love this brand. This is the brand that lifted me out of my post-babies wardrobe funk. For once, all of my requirements were met for a top:

  1. Machine washable
  2. Warm
  3. Comfortable
  4. Nursing Friendly (aka, zips that go down low enough to nurse)
  5. Stylish and easy to wear with leggings (because when nothing else fits…)

I own a good amount of black items because I find them the most flattering, and I don’t have to worry about stains. I do have other neutrals as well, and love them almost as much. Here are my favorites. I do look up reviews on the Varley site as well as third party retailers before pulling the trigger, as I typically purchase from eBay and Poshmark (I usually find Anthro reviews the most helpful).

Varley Cortina Half-Zip Sweat

This was my first piece I purchased and I absolutely loved it. I’m wearing a size small at 5’3 and 120lbs. Its a bit oversized, but so comfortable. Fabric is a bit thicker and more structured. I love that its durable and washes well.

Varley Davidson Half-Zip Sweat

The Davidson Half-Zip is fairly similar to the Cortina, but its in a softer and more flexible “double soft” fabric. I love the fabric, its extremely comfortable and has a great drape. Its a bit cropped, which can be tricky for me. I typically wear it with black leggings, but will try it with other pants down the road (as I move beyond leggings). I’m wearing a size small.

Varley Yates Half-Zip Pullover

The Yates half-zip has a similar oversized collar to their most popular style, the Vine Pullover but in the double-soft fabric. I felt like the Vine Pullover was to overwhelming on my frame and made my already broad shoulders appear super wide. I prefer the drape of the Yates Pullover, which gives it a softer look on me. Similar to the others above (and the Vine), I wear a small here.

I wear these tops at least once per week (wash on cold and lay flat to dry). They have all been holding up beautifully. I wear them almost exclusively with my absolute favorite leggings, and can go right from a workout to kid pick-up or work (I change into scrubs). It simplifies life, and minimizes the never-ending laundry.

More Varley reviews to come!

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