Finding the Best Jeans to Wear Postpartum (from a mom of 4)

Best Postpartum Jeans

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never been comfortable in jeans. I remember struggling to find jeans in middle school and high school, the waist gaping, trying to pull them up all day, and stepping on them constantly (because petite lengths didn’t exist back then). And then in my 20’s, tight jeans were in. I hate to say it, but I hated skinny jeans. I found them so uncomfortable and I rarely wore them. My entire 30’s, until now, were spent in sweats, joggers and leggings. Because what’s the point of trying to find clothes that fit when you’re both still losing weight postpartum and trying to get pregnant again? Yeah, no point.

I spent a few weeks trying to figure out what was going on with jean trends these days. “They” say that skinny jeans are both out, and yet acceptable if they’re “more current” with high waists or something. The baggy jeans of my youth are back, the “90’s” styles they call them. And lots of “in-between” styles are back, such as straight leg and sometimes even a degree of flare. Overall, the rises are medium-high, which is good for me and my postpartum body.

I’ve tried quite a few pairs of jeans so far, and Agolde’s Riley Cropped Jeans in 100% cotton have been my favorites. I have them in both 25 and 26, for either a more fitted or more relaxed look/ feel (with waist of 28″ and hips of 36″). I’m wearing the 26 here, and I appreciate the mildly loose fit, which gives them a laid back vibe while still being somewhat flattering. I’m still attracted to a cropped fit, because it gives more options for shoes without having to worry about exact lengths. I may branch out to full lengths, but this seemed like a good place to start. One quite thing about fabric content. I’ve never been an 100% cotton jeans person, but I’m loving it! For some reason, they are much more comfortable (and often more flattering) than the stretchy blends. So many things change in almost a decade!

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