How to Create the Perfect Casual Spring Mom Outfit (with Comfy Sneakers)

Casual Mom Sneakers Outfit 2024

This is about as basic as outfits get, but it was surprisingly difficult for me to make all of the parts come together. This is why I love taking these pictures. I get to see what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Easy Spring Mom Outfit with Sneakers
Sweater (Eileen Fisher from eBay)/ Top / Jeans / Sneakers / Hat

I’ve mentioned how I love these jeans, as they’re comfortable and not too tight, nor too loose, and just cropped enough. I actually struggled to find the right top to wear with them that wasn’t an oversized sweater. I think what looks best with this type of jean (on my current body type) is a top/ sweater with a nice drape, although I’ll continue to experiment. I love pairing these jeans with white sneakers, and these have the most amazing leather I have ever felt. I wore them walking all day when they were brand new and they felt perfect!

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