Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers Unsponsored Review

Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers Review

I’m excited to review Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers (see them on me here). I never imagined I’d become a sneaker person. In my prior (pre-kids) life, I don’t think I owned any sneakers that were not solely for exercise. Pointed toe flats and heels were the norm, and I had the luxury of space in my bag for extra shoes should my lovely shoes become too uncomfortable. Fast forward to now – comfort takes the top priority.

Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers Review

Luckily for me, sneakers are now (and have been for awhile, apparently) completely acceptable footwear for most occasions. And not only that, the white sneaker is cool again! The classic Adidas Sambas, The trendy Veja Campos, the completely overpriced and overhyped Golden Goose Ball Star… yes! White sneakers, here I come.

But why did I choose Soludos?

Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers Review and Pictures

I believe Reddit introduced me to Soludos (I have a problem falling down the Reddit rabbit hole sometimes). I was looking for a comfortable and classic white sneaker, preferably leather, that wasn’t completely overpriced, to complement my more sporty Adidas Sambas that I fell in love with. Here are my thoughts on Soludos The Original Ibiza Sneakers.


  • Upper: Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold-Rated & chrome-free, tumbled managua leather. (This leather is super soft and feels high quality, no stiffness or rubbing)
  • Insoles: High performance Ortholite insoles featuring open-cell technology. (Not running shoe supportive, but definitely nice to walk in)
  • Midsole & Outsole: 20% recycled rubber and 80% virgin natural rubber.
  • Laces: REPREVE 100% recycled polyester.

Comfort: These run narrow. My feet are medium width, leaning more narrow than wide, and these sneakers squeezed the sides of my foot just a bit. Its not enough to be uncomfortable, but just enough to notice. After a few wears the super soft leather stretches perfectly, but it is something to note. There was no pain or blistering.

Size: I took a size 7 in these. I’m between a 6.5 and 7 these days. I think a 6.5 would have been fine, too, but I can’t be sure. I don’t mind the bit of extra room.

Style: I love the look of these. They are super classic and don’t have any obvious logo. I would note that they are off white, not white. This is great if you’re wearing more creams and tans. But they would probably look weird with, say, a bright white shirt.

Durability: Too early to say, but they do really seem to be quite well made.

Recommend? Yes. These seem to have excellent quality and comfort for the price and style.

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