Exhausted. But Put on Some Legging and Go Exercise!

Beyond Yoga, the best postpartum leggings

With three kids during cold and flu season, plus the baby that wakes up a minimum of 2-3 times per night normally, some degree of fatigue is expected. But sometimes, the fatigue crosses the line into all out I don’t think I’ll make it thru the day exhaustion. I tell my kids when I hit this point – its not infrequent. If I quit working out each time I was completely spent, I’d rarely work out! I’ll be sharing a few of my leggings outfits in the near future, because these leggings give me some miraculous motivation to get my kids packed up and drive to the gym, sunshine or blizzard.

Hat / Sweatshirt / Leggings / Shoes / Bag (old Bottega Veneta)

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