Agolde Riley Stretch Jeans Fit Review with Pictures (are they better than the 100% cotton?)

Agolde Riley Jeans in Stretch Review (petite)

Agolde’s Riley Jeans in 100% cotton in this wash have been my favorites of late (see them on me here). But what about the stretch version? I wasn’t convinced I would like them as much as the rigid denim, but when I found this white pair for $34 I was willing to give it a shot.

Agolde Riley Jeans in stretch review (petite)
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The good: The overall fit is similar to the cotton version (obviously), but the stretch allows the jeans to be more snug all around, making them perhaps more slimming and flattering (in size 25 with 28″ waist and 36″ hips). I do have to say, the stretch in the waistband is more comfortable than the rigid denim. Especially when sitting.

The bad: Although the jeans seem to fit ok all around, they clearly pull and wrinkle in the front lower belly area. When I pull them up, the wrinkles go away, but for some reason they sag back down and wrinkle shortly after. I also find them a bit too long but I’m hesitant to cut the hems.

Overall: This is my only pair of white jeans right now, so I’m going to make them work. They’re not my favorite, and I prefer the rigid denim feel. But they’re comfortable and flattering enough to get a pass. And a bonus? They were cheap enough that I don’t feel bad wearing them out and risking getting them stained!

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