Vuori Performance Jogger Review 2024 (After 4 Years, Do I Still Love Them?)

Vuori Performance Jogger Review 2024

Its hard to believe that its been 4 years (and two pregnancies) since I bought my first Vuori item (the performance jogger). Time flies! I remember when I first put on the joggers. I loved them. They were incredibly soft and comfortable. They were more flattering than the typical jogger, and perfect for petite ladies such as myself. These things sustained heavy use. I essentially wore them exclusively for years, including through my entire pregnancies. I have a permanent tan line above my ankle to show for it…

Here is my current unbiased review.

Vuori Performance Jogger Review 2024
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Durability: Excellent! Like I said, I wore these daily for years (I had 7 pairs!). I washed them on a normal cycle (not even with like colors…) and dried them in the dryer. They show minimal wear. One pair has a small hole where the bottom cuff is sewn on, but otherwise these have held up wonderfully.

Style/ Fit: I do want to note that the joggers have had slightly different cuts over the years. Some were cut more slim, some wider/ longer. I was irritated at first, but now just wear them differently. Joggers aren’t the most flattering pants, but I still find these acceptable. To be honest, I like them the best when I’m skinnier (less tummy fat), because they do tend to accentuate my mid section.

Comfort: Now that I’m branching out past athleisure I don’t wear these as often. That said, some days I crave these. They are so extremely comfortable, there is nothing like them.

Verdict: If you haven’t tried them yet, I so recommend you do! And good news, you can frequently find these on resale sites these days and get a great deal on the most comfortable joggers out there.

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